Get Vibrant with Kelly Green Scrubs

Kelly Green Scrubs

Are you searching for reliable and suitable professional attire? You are in the right place because Scrubs Uniforms provides their special Kelly Green Scrubs that include all the necessary features for your comfort providing you with high-quality and classy scrubs within your affordable range.


The process to reintroduce the iconic Kelly Green jerseys for the Philadelphia Eagles began in 2012 when Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Lurie proposed the idea. However, league rules prohibiting multiple helmets derailed the plan. A change in the NFL's rule on alternative helmets allowed the Eagles to revive the concept. The Kelly Green jerseys pay homage to the 1990s and will be worn at two home games during the 2023 season. The journey was made possible by the NFL's decision to allow different helmets starting in 2022, culminating in the long-awaited return of the Kelly Green jerseys.

Let's discuss some of its key features:

Are you aware of Kelly Green Scrubs Quality Fabric?

Quality has always been our top priority, due to which our product is leading and now has become one of the well-known brands and priority of every health care personnel. Because quality is something that shouldn't be compromised, these Kelly Green Scrubs are designed as a way to give your product a high level of quality.

  • Longer durability: Kelly Green Scrubs are practical work wear that can go with you for years without fading, are less stretchable and baggy, and maintain their polished appearance even for years.

  • Easy Maintenance: Healthcare professionals' busy schedules did not give them enough time for the proper maintenance of their professional outfits. Kelly Green Scrubs are here to save their precious time by providing their easy-to-maintain poly or cotton blend poplin fabric that can go even for years without proper maintenance. Their low maintenance helps you to focus on what truly matters or what the nature of your job is asking you for.


  • Fade Resistant: Their resistance from fading is an additional plus point to their quality. High-quality dyes are used to ensure that the product maintains its proper color and fabric for a more extended period without getting faded.

Do you know what Kelly Green Scrubs are made of?

Good Fabric is the backbone of any garment. Kelly Green Scrubs is the Fusion Polyester, Cotton, Rayon, and Spandex which gives your product:

  • High Durability
  • wrinkles resistivity 
  • Soft and smooth texture 
  • Breathability
  • Comfortable and convenient

These properties make your attire strong enough to keep up with harsh environmental wear and tears and help you to stay engaged in your work without being uncomfortable and distracted.

Do you know that Kelly Green Scrubs offers you spacious pockets and instrumental loops?

Kelly Green Scrubs cares for you and for your ease in carrying large amounts of stuff. These scrubs are equipped with 3 different types of pockets:

  • Two roomy front pockets: They are intentionally placed in front to store your necessary items and gadgets within your reach.

  • Left pocket with Hidden Instrument loop: A spot where you can put your essential equipment in an organized manner.

  • Another Roomy pocket with a pen slot: It helps to keep your pens in hand with you.

Do you know about their special feature of a V-neck with soft knit trim

V- Neck

Gone are the days of typical simple scrubs because Kelly Green Scrubs are here to fulfill your aesthetic demand. The scrubs are now available with sophisticated yet attractive V-neck designs, which enhance the look of your attire and give a smart fit.

Soft Knit Trim 

Soft knit trim on the V-neck not only gives a touch of elegance but offers you an ultra level of comfort while maintaining the overall look of your attire.

Do you have an idea about a special back princess seams feature?

Kelly Green Scrubs come with a special Back princess seams design, giving your attire an ideal smart fitting according to your body shape and type. This design increases the grace of your attire and provides the real essence of a complete professional look.

Do you know the importance of tonal stretch panels in medical attire?

Stretchability is one of the important factors that contribute to the comfort of your outfit. Kelly Green Scrubs are equipped with the unique feature of tonal rib-knit side panels on the back of our outfit which increases the stretchability of your attire by up to 2 folds and gives you flexibility for your long hours of work shifts. It gives you freedom for a wide range of movement, which helps you to perform your tasks smoothly without being constrained.


Do you have an idea about the drawstring closure feature?

Kelly Green Scrubs has now introduced its user-friendly feature of drawstring closure to give your attire a smart look. It makes your putting on and off procedure of attire easy. Moreover, it provides your scrubs with an ideal smart fit.

Do you know About The Varieties Kelly Green Scrubs offers you?

Unable to find your ideal fit? Then you are in the right place because Kelly Green Scrubs is now offering you a wide range of different sizes from XXS TO 5XL with a center back length of 27” so that the health care person with any body type does not get disappointed and their ideal body fit. The proper stitching and fitting beautify your outfit and enhance its glamor. Moreover, there are a variety of vibrant shades you can choose from. Green is a color of preference and stands a special place in the health caregivers' professional lives.


Why Kelly Green Scrubs?

Kelly Green Scrubs, in a nutshell, combines style and comfort for healthcare professionals. They are solid, comfortable, and planned with huge pockets for your stuff. The special stitching and firm fabric give a great fit, and the soft trim and V-neck add a nice touch. Whatever your size, these scrubs fit you. The drawstring makes them easy to wear. Pick Kelly Green Scrubs for a first-rate look and feel, showing you are a star who thinks about comfort and quality every day.