What is the Meaning of Scrubs by Color and Why?

What is the Meaning of Scrubs by Color and Why?

The environment of the hospital is full of medical professionals wearing different colors of scrubs. Blue, green, white, and grey scrubs are the most popular colors for scrubs, and they are worn by medical professionals in various jobs or departments throughout a hospital. There are also other colors of scrubs with unique meanings.


Are you wondering why some people wear blue scrubs, while others wear green scrubs? Why do surgeons wear green while nurses wear white? Continue reading this article to learn the scrubs by color and their meaning and importance in medical life. 

Scrubs by Color and Their Meaning 

There are many departments in a hospital. Therefore, to create a sense of distinction between one another and the visitors, healthcare professionals wear different colors of scrubs. The following are the scrubs by color and their meaning: 


  • In order to maintain a sanitary atmosphere in medical settings, white scrubs are frequently associated with cleanliness, purity, and sterility.
  • Medical staff that is in charge of treating seriously ill or injured patients can be recognized by their white scrubs.
  • White scrubs are more prone to stain.
  • Due to their common use of materials that are simple to clean and disinfect, white scrubs can aid in lowering the danger of cross-contamination.
  • Nurses and lab scientists are the most common wearers.


  • Black scrubs can give medical workers a more up-to-date and attractive appearance, which can boost their confidence and sense of style while working.
  • In a variety of settings, including ERs, ORs, and outpatient clinics, black scrubs are acceptable.
  • Medical professionals in leadership positions or those who have attained a specific level of experience can be recognized by their black scrubs.
  • It conceals the stains.


  • Surgical teams frequently wear green scrubs because they are associated with sterile and aseptic surroundings.
  • In surgical settings with intense lighting, green scrubs can aid to lessen glare and eye strain.
  • Green is a relaxing color that is gentler on the eyes than other vibrant hues, thus wearing green scrubs can also assist to lessen eye strain and weariness.
  • For both patients and medical staff, green scrubs can contribute to the establishment of a peaceful and calming environment.


  • Brown may be less visually exciting than brighter hues, which may be advantageous for those with neurological disorders or light sensitivity.
  • It gives down-to-earth vibes.


  • The color purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and spirituality, and some healthcare facilities may opt for purple scrubs to create a calming and comforting environment for patients.
  • This color scrub is usually worn by healthcare professionals working with children.
  • It is a cool and lovely color.


  • Patients who are anxious or stressed may benefit from the calming and tranquilizing effects of the color blue.
  • Scrubs in shades of blue could conceal spills or stains better than scrubs in lighter hues. 
  • You can find variable shades of blue like royal blue, ceil blue, and navy blue.


  • Teal, a mixture of blue and green, is frequently related to balance, calmness, and serenity.
  • It brings about healing.
  • It doesn’t show stains.
  • Teal scrubs are a distinct and uncommon color option for medical uniforms, thus they can aid in promoting inclusivity and diversity.


  • Sunshine, joy, and optimism are commonly linked to the color yellow.
  • For people who are feeling down or depressed, the color yellow can generate a cheery and upbeat environment that may be helpful.
  • When patients are having medical procedures or treatments, yellow scrubs can also serve to foster a feeling of positivity and hope.


  • The attributes of warmth, energy, and enthusiasm are usually associated with the color orange.
  • For patients who are apprehensive or stressed, the warmth and welcoming atmosphere that the color orange can generate may be helpful.
  • For medical workers who work long hours or overnight shifts, orange scrubs can also aid to produce a feeling of energy and strength.


  • Red is usually associated with passion, energy, and urgency.
  • Red scrubs can also serve to foster a sense of passion and dedication, which is beneficial for medical personnel who are determined to give their patients the finest care possible.


  • Pink is usually associated with femininity, kindness, and nurturing.
  • When working with patients who are unwell or in pain, medical staff need to have a strong sense of empathy and compassion, which can be enhanced by wearing pink scrubs.


  • Burgundy scrub is a good alternative to red scrub.
  • It has a warmer undertone.
  • It conceals stains pretty well.

What scrubs of color does the doctor wear?

Depending on the workplace's dress code regulations, doctors' scrubs may come in a variety of colors. In order to express professionalism and cleanliness, doctors frequently choose the colors navy blue and ceiling blue. For a subtle, understated approach, some doctors would choose gray scrubs. For a sleek, businesslike image, they might choose black scrubs. 

What scrubs of color does the nurse wear?

While some nurses could choose to wear pastel hues like pink, lavender, or yellow, others might choose light hues like white, light blue, or light green. The appropriate hue may be determined by the environment or department, as well as the acceptable standard of cleanliness or professionalism. In the end, the rules and regulations set forth by a nurse's workplace will determine the color of their scrubs.

What scrubs of color does the surgeon wear?

The scrubs of color that the surgeon wear is green. It is a color that is calming and soothes the eyes, thereby preventing eye strain. Due to the attributes it has, it is worn by surgeons.  


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