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Introducing our outstanding digital medical tool, ADTEMP Sheaths. If you are a medical expert looking for a  thermometer with the minimum risk of cross-contamination, ADTEMP sheaths are here for you. It is crafted to increase the safety and hygiene in Healthcare.  ADTEMP Sheaths are single-use digital stick thermometers. It promotes a sterile environment and delivers accurate temperature readings. Adtemp Sheaths are effective, from stopping cross-contamination to the versatility of using these sheaths. Choose ADC Adtemp Sheaths to avail the advantages of this notable medical instrument.

Here is why you should add Adtemp Sheaths To Your Medical Accessories Kit: 

  1. Prevents Cross-contamination:

The main reason for using ADTEMP Sheaths is to lessen the risks associated with cross-contamination. These sheaths are used only once. It maintains a hygienic distance between each thermometer and each patient. It will help you in preventing the transmission of viruses, infections, and bacteria. This cross-contamination prevention will do wonders for infant patients.

  1. Sheaths Compatibility: 

Our ADTEMP sheaths are compatible. These sheaths can fit most digital stick thermometers. All medical professionals can integrate these sheaths with other medical tools as well.

  1. Easy to Apply: 

The application of sheaths is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: 

disposable sheaths not only save us from the spread of infections but also save us from spending too much. These sheaths are cost-effective. The sheaths are disposable, which eliminates the cleaning and sterilizing process. It saves resources and time at the same period. 

  1. Non-sterile and disposable: 

The sheaths are designed as disposable. This effective design abolishes the cleaning procedure after each patient check-up. With the facility of these sheaths, all you have to do is slip on a new sheath after each patient consultation.

  1. Oral And Rectal Use:

Versatility is the key to any good tool. Our  Sheaths are designed in a manner that you can use them in checking the oral temperature as well as in checking the rectal temperature. 

  1. Made In U.S.A:

These all-rounder Sheaths are made in the U.S.A. by American Diagnostic Corporation. Adtemp Sheaths is committed to patient safety.

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