Synergy Stretch - Women's Niki Warm-Up Jacket

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Ava Therese Scrubs Jacket

Introducing the Ava Therese Scrubs Jackets! These jackets are unique, modern apparel you can pair with your usual medical scrubs. The Ava Therese Scrubs Jacket comes with a number of good qualities, such as:

Amazing Texture and Design

The Ava Therese Scrubs Jacket is manufactured using the best fabrics. This includes spandex and polyester. 

  • Spandex helps with elasticity and stretchability, allowing medical workers to move with ease during their shifts of demanding work, 
  • Polyester, on the other hand, allows them to carry out such tasks with comfort with its lightweight, thin material.

Intricate designs are a trend in Ava Therese Scrubs. Long sleeves with rib knit panel cuffs, as well as rub knit panel standing collars, are what make these Scrub jackets stand out. This gives the person wearing the scrubs an athletic, smart look which is preferred among many medical professionals. 

Options for Sizes

Ava Therese Scrubs Jackets proudly present the wide range of sizes that their scrubs come in. 

Limited size options are not something Ava Therese's scrubs would do. This is why they introduce their scrub jackets (as well as other scrubs) in a wide range of sizes— no matter how small or large since it all depends on the customer's preferences. 

Array of Colors

Additionally, Ava Therese Scrubs Jackets also come in a large variety of colors as well. Ranging from dark colors to bright ones, Ava Therese has them all! 

Medical professionals can pick whichever color they think suits them best and expresses their individuality the best. 


Ava Therese values their customers and their access to comfort and functionality in the workplace. Medical professionals go through hours and hours of hectic work, and they understand this aspect of their work life. Therefore, they are devoted to making things as accessible and comfortable for them as possible.

Inherently, Ava Therese scrubs are aimed at perfecting functionality for their customers. They have done so by manufacturing the scrub jackets in such a way as to not restrict movement for their customers. Additionally, the jacket has easy, ample-spaced, slip-in pockets at each side so that their customers can always have their essentials with them, whether it’s phones, personal belongings, or anything else. 

Durable and Long-Lasting Material

Ava Therese Scrubs take pride in the on-point concoction of their products, especially when it comes to their durability and longevity. 

Ava Therese Scrubs Jackets are of such fine quality that they do not fade away or wear out even after multiple washes. Furthermore, they are:

  • Wrinkle-resistant,
  • Sweat-absorbent properties, 
  • Paired with long-lasting elasticity as well.

Ava Therese Scrubs Jacket is definitely not a product one should miss out on.

To conclude, individuals in the healthcare industry who are looking to try something new apart from their traditional scrubs should definitely try out the Ava Therese Scrubs Jacket. Surely, this product does not disappoint with its amazing quality, superb comfort, and trendy, chic design. So go and get yours now before it's too late!

Fabric: 90% Polyester/ 10% Spandex (Synergy Stretch)

  • Stand collar with rib knit panel for comfort
  • Long sleeves with rib knit cuffs
  • Center front zip closure with removable logo zipper pull
  • Two large curved easy slip pockets
  • Dtm heart arrow logo embroidery on wearer’s left panel near pocket
  • Side rib knit panels
  • Inside neck classic blush contrast trim detail
  • “Ava Therese” reflective flasher on wearer’s left front side seam
  • Self tab with utility metal d-ring

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