Essentials - Women's Unison Straight Leg Scrub Pants

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Barco One Scrub Pant

Barco One Scrub Pant has been used for decades by medical practitioners, and now it has become a significant part of their lives.

Let's Discuss some of its key features.

Your Comfort Our Priority

  • Cotton Blend
  • In your hectic duty hours, comfortable attire is the only savior that helps you to go through the whole day easily. Barco One Scrub Pant is a cotton blend fabric with a comfortable and smooth texture.

  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • The Barco One Scrub Pants are designed in a way that favors you on summer days. Their lightweight and Breathable fabric helps you to remain cool, calm, fresh, and relaxed throughout your whole day and allows you to focus on your work with full concentration.

  • Moisture Wicking Ability
  • One of the standout features of Barco One Scrub Pants is their moisture-wicking ability. The fabric absorbs moisture from your body and evaporates it immediately. This advanced feature helps you to stay dry and fresh through your demanding working shifts.

    Drawcord Adjustable waistband

    This unique feature is specially incorporated to customize your attire according to your own choice. The adjustable waistbands are there to give you an ideal and your desired fit, which enhances the glamor of your attire and meets your aesthetic needs by providing you with an athletic touch while maintaining your professional look.

    Pocket Convenience

    Keeping your essentials within your reach is the need of your work, and Barco One Scrub Pants are here to target your needs by providing you with seven thoughtfully designed pockets, including:

    Cargo Pockets- Are spacious enough to store your even bigger necessities, i.e., stethoscope, tools, pens, notepads, gauzes, alcohol swabs.

    Zip Pockets- Providing your essentials a secure spot for storage.

    Encouraging Sustainability

    Barco One Scrub One Pant, on the one hand, provides remarkable services, whereas, on the other hand, it maintains sustainability and has a positive impact on the environment by utilizing plastic bottles in the production of these Scrubs.

    Wrinkles Resistant

    Barco One Scrub Pant empowers resistance to wrinkles. Now, you don't need to worry about clothing .wrinkles because these scrubs are here to give your attire a polished appearance without any single wrinkle or crease.

    Antistatic Properties

    Barco One Scrub Pant is made of a unique quality fabric that has the ability to counteract static charges. This special feature benefits you, especially in winters in which static charge generation is more frequent as compared to summers. This exceptional feature differentiates this product from the rest of the products and makes it the preferred choice of healthcare professionals.

    Slim Fit Silhouette

    In this Modern era, physical appearance is something that truly matters, especially for looks-conscious individuals. So, if you are more into aesthetics, then your search ends over here. Barco One Scrub Pant is now available with a slim-fitting silhouette that caters to your aesthetic needs.

    Easy Maintenance

    It's tiring to spend your precious hours on maintenance. Barco One Scrub Pants are here to cope with this issue with their easy washable fabric that requires less time and effort—allowing you to spend your precious hours on patient care.

    Scrubs Uniforms is a platform from which you can get a variety of scrubs according to your needs. Barco Scrub Pants is one of the examples of their commitment to quality.