Barco One - Men's V-Neck 4 Pocket Scrub Top

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Barco One Scrubs


Barco One - Men's V-Neck 4 Pocket Scrub Top


The Barco One Men's V-Neck 4 Pocket Scrub Top is the ideal fusion of fashion, usage, and luxury for healthcare workers who want nothing less than the finest. This scrub top is destined to transform the way you dress workwear thanks to its innovative layout and superior functionality. Let's explore the exceptional features that render this scrub top an absolute necessity for any healthcare worker. These features make our scrub top innovative:

Banded V-neckline and Short Sleeves

This scrub top has a belted V-neckline that gives your outfit an aura of refinement and is designed to wow. It gives you a more polished appearance and fits comfortably, allowing you to move freely during your demanding shifts. The short sleeves provide a cool, loose feel that keeps you at ease and feeling good even throughout the day.

Front, Back and Shoulder Design

This scrub top ups its stylish factor thanks to its front and shoulder yolks. These design features give the garment a modern look while also preserving its strong foundation and form preservation after several washings. In addition, the shaping seams on the front and back give you a sleek, fitted appearance that makes you seem professional.

Doubled Chest Pocket

When it comes to apparel for work, functionality is essential, and this scrub top excels in all areas. It has twin chest pockets, which provides plenty of room for storing your necessities and enables you to keep your equipment and other items close at hand. That's not all, though. With its strategically positioned mesh pockets, it may be taken a step further. Even when it is completely stuffed with all of your requirements, this inventive innovation makes sure that your scrub top will still be lightweight and comfy.

Mesh pockets to Reduce Bulk

This scrub top features two front angled pockets along with the doubled chest pocket and mesh pockets. These pockets have been carefully created to allow quick access to your possessions while yet retaining a sophisticated and businesslike appearance. Convenience is now at your fingertips, so bid farewell to the trouble of looking for lost belongings.

Side Vents at Hem

We recognize the value of breathability, particularly during prolonged shifts. Our scrub top has side vents at the hem because of this. By encouraging airflow, these vents will keep you cool and cozy all day. This scrub top will save you from overheating or feeling smothered.

Logo at Hem

We proudly show our trademark at the hem as a sign of authenticity and quality. The brand's dedication to perfection is demonstrated by this small but important detail, which guarantees that the item you are wearing is made to the greatest possible levels of craftsmanship. 

An Attire for All

Finally, the center back length of 30 makes sure that healthcare workers of all heights may wear it comfortably. You may say goodbye to uncomfortable scrubs and hello to a scrub top that enhances your physical appearance while offering the greatest level of comfort. 

With Barco One, enjoy the ideal fusion of design, occupancy, and pleasure. Today, upgrade your business attire and take advantage of the boost in trust that comes with dressing in the best!

  • Banded V-neckline
  • Short sleeves
  • Front and shoulder yolks
  • Front and back shaping seams
  • Doubled chest pocket
  • Mesh pockets to reduce bulk
  • 2 Front angled pockets
  • Side vents at hem
  • Logo at hem
  • Center back length: 30"

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