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Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top

The Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top is a popular choice for women in the medical field. It is a stylish and versatile scrub top that has become a perfect choice for women's medical employees. It has gained significant popularity among women of all ages because of its:

  • Unique Design
  • Attractive Shape 
  • Comfort

What Features Make Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top Perfect

The following are the features of the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top:

 Y-neckline Design

The Y-neckline design means it forms a Y shape on the front of the scrub. The Y shape starts from the neck and ends at the bottom of the top. The y-neckline design is the attractive and unique feature of the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top. The y-neckline design adds beauty and attractiveness to the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top. 

Adjustable Wrap

There is a wrap style in the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top. The wrap style means that a front layer will cross over the chest around the body, making the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top attractive, adjustable, and stylish. 


The fabric used in the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top is Microfiber. A microfiber fabric and a polyester blend produce the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top. Both fabrics are top-quality fabrics for creating lightweight clothes. The Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top is also light in weight and easy to wear and carry. As the medical employees have motion in their shifts, Cherokee has made it light in weight considering these things. 

Stretchable Material

The material polyester is four-way stretchable than the standard top or scrub. The Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top is stretchable, and it is easy for medical employees to bend and stretch during their long-hour shifts. 

Washable Material

The Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top is machine washable and easy to maintain.

Top Loading Pockets

The Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top has Loading pockets. Loading pockets means deep; you can put your essential gadgets in that pocket. There are two loading pockets on the front of the scrub top. 

Hidden Pocket

Inside the loading pockets are hidden accessory pockets with different compartments to put multiple accessories in that hidden pocket. 


The back vents are also there in the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top, which gives air access to your body and makes you relax because air can enter from there. 

Loop On the Pocket

A loop on the front pocket is used to attach the duty card for the nurse's identification. Most hospitals and clinics are strict about these loops; medical employees must make a loop on the scrub. 

Different Types of Sizes and Variety Of Colors

There are a variety of colors available for the Cherokee Infinity Scrub Top, like Red, Black, Pewter, etc. The size ranges start from XXS to Xl. The scrubs are available for all body types, whether tall or petite. 


The Cherokee Infinity Scrub top is a versatile, unique, and attractive scrub top that helps medical employees to increase their confidence and help them to treat patients efficiently. 

It is popular because of its comfort, durability, stretchable fabric, and unique design. This Scrub Top will always be the fashionable and perfect choice for women medical employees. 

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