Dickies Cargo Pants Scrubs

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Dickies Cargo Pants Scrubs

Dickies have a trusted name in designing the scrubs for medical employees. It's an American company that focuses on the needs and demands of medical employees, and employees need comfort and functionality. The Dickies Cargo Pants Scrub provides comfort and functionality, as well as they also provide professionalism.

This cargo pant is specially designed for rugged outdoor activities, and these cargo pants are for people who need durability and comfort in their working shifts or hours. 

The Dickies Cargo Pants Scrubs require this scrub to fulfill their demand to be relaxed and calm in a fast-paced environment. The fast-paced environment for medical employees in hospitals and clinics. 

Let s Discover the Features Of Dickies Cargo Pant Scrubs.

The following are the features of Dickies Cargo Pant Scrub:

  • Secure Waist Fitting
  • The Dickies Cargo Pant Scrub has two types of waist fitting. The one is an elastic waistband. It is an elastic band that is stretchy and enough to pull on. The adjustable strap will allow you to bend, and it's not tight because it is flexible for you. 

    The elastic waistband can also be convertible into an interior drawstring. The internal drawstring is the second type of secure fitting in the Dickies Cargo Scrub Pant. It is a material or a string that can be pulled to tighten or loose the waist fitting.  

  • Zip Up Closure
  • This is the fastening method to close or open the securely. This method is commonly used in bags, clothes, etc., and the Dickies Cargo Pant Scrub has a zipper closure. You just have to slide up or down the zip to open and close your pant button. It is a very popular structural design in the field of medical, and most medical employees buy the scrub, which has this zipper closure feature.

  • Decorative Loop On The Right Side
  • The Dickies Cargo Pant Scrub has a decorative loop on the right side pocket. The company stitches the decorative loop to make the scrub modern, stylish and more attractive for the medical employees. 

  • Total Number Of Pockets
  • There are a total of 5 pockets in the Dickies Cargo Scrub Pant. 

    Front Vent Pockets

    The two pockets are front vent pockets. These pockets are used to put small items like keys, pens, handkerchiefs, etc. The front vent pockets are also used to put hands and hands in the pocket, making you look professional and stylish. 

    Back Patch Pockets

    There are two back patch pockets in the Dickies Cargo Pant Scrub. These back patch pockets are used to put money and wallet type of things.

    Cargo pocket

    There are two cargo pockets on the right side of the pants. The cargo pockets are deeper than the other pockets. Medical professionals use cargo pockets for their medical types of equipment and gadgets like stethoscopes. There is a logo patch on the cargo pocket of the scrub pants which makes your pants more stylish. 

    Hidden Zipper Pocket

    One hidden zipper pocket is on the right of the front vent pocket. The hidden pocket is used to keep the valuable items

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