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Dickies Scrub Jacket

In recent years, the popularity of scrubs among medical employees has been increasing daily. Medical employees need professionalism and practicality in the scrub. The Dickie Scrub Jacket is the right attire that makes a world difference. 

The medical employees were getting rid of the traditional white scrub because of their tendency to show stains and other things so the medical employees need a good and practical solution for this. And this brings the Dickies Scrub Jacket popular among the medical employees and professionals. The innovative and unique round neck snap closure design makes this scrub popular, stylish, and professional. 

What are the Features Available in Dickies Scrub Jacket

The following are the features which are available in Dickie Scrub Jacket:

  • Snap Front Closure
  •   This jacket is valuable in times of emergencies, where every second counts. This jacket is easier for you to manage. The Dickies Scub Jacket should work well for you. Snaps are secured like buttons, and it is more easy to dress or undress the scrub jacket. 

    If you are a medical employee who is working in a fast-paced environment, the workplace where the work should be done quickly. The hospitals and clinics are fast-paced environments. Dickies Scrub Jacket has five tonal-covered snaps. The jacket provides a professional and stylish medical employee look. It will give you access to change the scrub quickly. 

  • Knit Cuffs
  • The knit cuffs can be found on different types of attire and will be found mostly on the scrub. The Dickies Scrub Jacket has a knit cuffs feature. These knit cuffs are on the wrist of the jacket scrub. It is elastic, and it is also used to provide us with warmth. The Dickied Scrub Jacket has knit cuffs because the knit cuffs on the wrist allow you to work without disturbance. It will prevent sleeves from interfering. 

  • Jewel Neckline and Long Sleeves
  • The Dickies Scrub Jacket neck is round and is called a Jewel neckline. The jewel neckline means that the scrub neckline is round and falls above the collarbone, which makes this jacket scrub stylish and unique. 

    The sleeves of Dickies Scrub Jacket are long. It will help the medical employees to keep warm in and calm in the extreme weather. The Knit Cuffs also help to cover the wrist, and these full sleeves and Knit Cuffs give a professional look to the medical employee. 

  • Front and Back Seams
  • The Dickies Scrub Jacket is designed with two or more materials that are held together and stitched with each other on the front and also the back of the jacket scrub. It joins two or more layers of the fabric, making the scrub jacket more unique. The seams create structure and the proper fitting shape of the Dickies Scrub Jacket. 

  • Front and Back Yoke
  • The yokes are given in Dickies Scrub Jacket to give the fitting to the loose part of the body, whether the parts are on the front or back. Like in this jacket, the yokes give support to the neck and shoulder for the best fitting. 

  • Total Pockets
  • There are a total of two pockets in Dickies Scrub Jacket. The two are front patch pockets, which are used to keep the important gadgets of medical employees like stethoscopes, etc. The pen slots are also attached to the front patch pockets, which are used to carry pens. A cardholder pin is also there on the front of the pocket, which can be used to attach the identity card of the medical employee. The one is a utility pocket on the wearers, right. 


    The Dickies Scrub Jacket is a combination of comfort, professionalism, and functionality, which is more modern and stylish than the traditional scrubs. The snap closure provides the access to survive in the fast-paced environments and the breathable material for the comfort and relaxation. 

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