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Healing Hands “Purple Label” Maternity Scrubs

Medical professionals can now pick uniforms and scrubs of their liking from a collection called Purple Label by Healing Hands. The Purple Label collection is notable for its high-quality manufacturing, modern fashion, and precise attention to detail.

Introducing the Healing Hands maternity scrubs, these scrubs are of high-quality material, designed specifically for pregnant medical professionals. These scrubs are designed with the comfort of pregnant healthcare professionals in mind, thus possessing the utmost comfortability and durability to adapt to the body changes that come with being pregnant. 

Nurturing Comfort

These maternity scrubs cultivated by the professional designers at Healing Hands generally consist of stretchy, breathable material in order to allow maximum movement and comfort. Since the pregnant body, naturally, goes through substantial changes, Healing Hands takes this factor into strong consideration, due to which they aim to design maternity scrubs in such a way as to cater to these changes. Hence, the waistband of the pants is adjustable, coming with side elastic panels, in order to accommodate the growing belly. The fabric of these scrubs involves a 4- way stretch to maximize convenience. 

Thoughtful Design Elements

On top of that, the chest area also consists of extra room, with a V-neck design, to make the soon-to-be-parent able to breathe more easily. This is a good feature of these maternity scrubs because it helps avoid any sort of constrictions that come with the gradually changing body of a pregnant person. The neck design of the scrubs also makes an individual seem flattering while also staying professional.  

Premium Fabric

The fabric is made with 91% polyester, making it sufficiently soft and breathable when coming into contact with the skin. Medical professionals tend to work long hours on most days, which is why it’s important that professionals who are expecting be provided with clothes allowing for flexibility, breathability, and freedom of movement without any sort of restrictions, especially with a growing belly. The pants of the scrubs allow for plenty of room for effortless leg movement without restrictions and prevent tightness of any sort. In addition, 2 pockets are also incorporated into the maternity scrubs with ample room for keeping your phone, keys, pager, or any other portable possessions you wish to carry around with you at all times. 

Range of Options and Versatility

Moving on, there is a wide range of colors to choose from as well based on different preferences. Ranging from dark to light solid colors, pregnant healthcare professionals can choose which colors suit them most and they take a liking to, giving them a chance to express their style while in a professional work environment adhering to proper dress code. 

Long-lasting Performance

In the case of durability, Healing Hands’ maternity scrubs live up to the expectations of this feature, being well-known for its high-quality manufacture. These maternity scrubs are enforced with such strong stitching that they are able to resist any trouble caused by the daily issues of a healthcare environment. Even after multiple washes, these scrubs do not lose their color, and neither do they wear out any time soon. 


In conclusion, Healing Hands maternity scrubs are ideal for medical specialists who are expecting a baby to be able to work with utmost ease and carefreeness. This is possible because Healing Hands maternity scrubs provide the comfort pregnant includes need with their intricate design, and top quality fabric. Maternity scrubs are designed in such a way that their soft, fine fabric gives you a sense of ease and lightness. Its a breathable attire and stretchy as well so as to allow free movement and adjust with the growing changes that occur when someone is pregnant. The scrubs are also quite durable in nature–not fading away in color or wearing out even after washing and using them often. Healing Hands also provides a wide arrange of options in regards to colors of these scrubs so that one may express themselves and seem stylish even while going through significant life changes and staying professional at work. 

This soft, stretchy V neck features elastic at the princess panels, so your top can grow with you.

  • V-Neck Maternity Scrub Top
  • 2 Pockets
  • Side Elastic Panels
  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric
  • Features A Hidden Inspirational Message For Our Caregivers
  • 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex
  • Center Back Length: 27½"
  • Healing Hands #2510

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