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Healing Hands Print Scrub Tops

Do you often struggle with taking care of yourself while enduring the everyday challenges of hospital work and addressing several patients in a day? Do you often think about how all those women in the corporation get to style their clothes every day and about how fashionable they are? Well, don't you worry since your concerns are about to be addressed. Healing hands print scrub tops bring you a new variety of healthcare fashion by introducing colourful, printed and vibrant scrubs for your next shift.

Style and fashion

You can now get creative with your boring monochrome scrubs and turn them beautiful. Healing hands print scrub tops are the best choice for you if you are a woman looking for fashion and dynamic in your appearance at work. Add textures and colours to your scrubs and grab all the attention at work.

Comfortable and professional

While staying fresh and vibrant you can still get to enjoy the benefits of a good quality scrub. Healing hands scrubs provide a comfortable blend of mixing premium fabrics with carefully designed stitching so that the scrubs fit your body perfectly. It maintains a formal, professional look and keeps you relaxed through a long day.

Staying in touch with trends

Master your appearance with our healing hand printed

 scrub top. Display yourself and experiment with colours and designs. Mix and match your printed tops with solid-coloured bottoms

Choose colours

If your top contains busy prints then balance them up with solid-coloured pants to create dimension to your look.

 Go monochrome

Choose scrub pant colours similar to those on your top to bring attention to the outfit as a whole.

Spice up your basics

Wear your printed tops with neutral basic black grey or white scrub pants to give a moral background to the prints.


Layer up your top with a simple colour lab coat or upper so that it looks thoughtful and professional

Small minimal Accessories

While printed tops already give you a busy overall look, choose small simple and decent accessories for a harmonious look. Go for colours that match the colour of the prints.

Celebrating diversity

Healing hands print scrub tops add the element of diversity to their collection. Since multiple people have different preferences and opinions about formal workplace fashion, keeping all that in mind, these printed tops can be a good way of expressing your vibrant, outgoing personality. While also adhering to the requirements of your workplace, you can experiment with your choices and get a better understanding of what you want.

Esteemed Quality and performance

These scrubs are specially designed with premium quality polyester stain-resistant fabric. It retains sweat and prevents moisture buildup giving you a fresh, clean feeling. The scrubs are easy to wash and prepare so you have to spend less time on irons. The seamless stitching fits the body and gives shape retention. It also increases flexibility and allows movement with high-quality performance.

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