Forward - Men's 2 Pocket V Neck Scrub Top

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Landau Forward Scrubs

If you are a doctor and looking for hospital attire, you are at the right place. Landau forward scrubs are scrubs with all the qualities one needs. 

The main features of Landau forward scrubs are the following:

  • Stretchable 
  • Wrinkle free
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Sweat free 
  • Multiple pockets 
  • V neckline  
  • Easy to wash 

The fabric of Landau Forward scrubs is stretchable and fits easily. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant. You can wear it all day long and will not get any ruffles.

The fabric Landau forward scrubs are very fine and don’t fade after washing. Landau forward scrubs have two pockets that look subtle and very modern. The neckline is very suitable for you during work because it does not suffocate, unlike regular scrubs with narrow necklines. 

The fabric is easy to wash, and stains are easily removed and cleaned from Landau forward scrubs. You can wash it in a machine, and the color will not fade. 


Landau forward scrubs are made with high-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. Landau forward scrubs enhance your professional look to the next level, boost your inner confidence, and make you feel super comfortable and confident in your work attire. 

Soft Fabric 

The fabric of Landau forward scrubs is soft and breathable, with side vents that keep you very active during work and absorb moisture and sweat.

Germ Resistant 

The material of Landau Forward scrubs is germs resistant and keeps you safe from infections and viruses while you treat patients who are infected with viral infections and diseases. 


Landau forward scrubs are available in nine different colors, ranging from lighter to dark shades. Landau forward scrubs are available in all sizes, from small to large 


Stretchable and breathable material make Landau forward scrubs the most comfy pick for healthcare workers. Easy to wear with side vents and a unique design, perfect for working night shifts. The material is extremely lightweight, with durability and perfection.

Details On Attire 

Usually, scrubs are not made with a lot of detailing, but landau forward scrubs are made with extreme detailing, such as side vents, unique pockets, and the best colors. 

Why Landau Forward Scrubs?

Because Landau forward scrubs have all the qualities, if you are a doctor and looking for perfect scrubs for your daily work life, then order your scrub today and stand out in your hospital. Boost your confidence and productivity, and order your landau forward scrub.

Professional Look

Landau forward scrubs give you a classic look, super professional and protective, yet very unique and stylish. 

Freedom To Move 

Four-way stretch in Landau forward scrubs gives you the freedom to move and work comfortably. And you can perform your difficult duties without any hassle. 

Durability That Lasts

Landau forward scrubs never compromise on their quality, which makes these scrubs the most durable. Landau forward scrubs are specially designed for longevity. Landau forward scrubs are the choice for healthcare workers and nurses. Even after every wash, Landau Forward scrubs look like new and fabulous fabric that shines.