Touch - Women's Double Cargo Pocket Jogger Scrub Pant

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Med Couture Touch Women's Jogger Yoga Pant

Medical employees, especially women who are doctors or nurses by their profession, spend long hours wearing their scrubs to satisfy and ensure their patients. 

The scrubs and clothes of medical employees play a significant role and increase the confidence of a medical employee. All medical employees want to look stylish and comfortable during working hours.

Med Couture Touch Women's Jogger Yoga Pant is perfect for women's medical employees. In this modern era, traditional pants are now turned into stylish pants that look professional.

The Scrub pants give a good level of comfort on women's feet. It is the scrub that is fulfilling the demand of every female medical employee. The following are the features of Med Couture Touch Women's Jogger Yoga Pant

Comfort and Contemporary Fit

Med Couture Touch Women's Jogger Yoga Scrub's key feature is the comfort of these pants. Considering the demand of the medical employees and their style, this scrub is flexible and helps medical employees to take a breath in those jogger yoga pants. It gives you relaxation and comfort in your hips and thighs.

The jogger-style bottom of these pants provides peace on your whole feet. This jogger style allows you to move here and there quickly, and it will also ignore or prevent discomfort and will not disturb you during your working hours. This is a missy relaxed fit, and most women recommend wearing missy fits because missy fits are soft. These pants are not boxy. To make it more secure, it has two types of fittings.

  • Rib Knit Waistband 
  • Drawstring 

The rib Knit Waistband fitting is a stretchy fabric that can be used on the neck and waist. A waistband is an elastic fitting in which the person is comfortable. A drawstring is a thread or a cloth that is used to secure trousers from the waist, and you can also adjust the drawstring or waistband. It gives you a stylish look because it has a tapered leg design, and it looks more modern.

There are also Rib knit cuffs in these pants. Med Couture Touch Women Jogger Yoga Pant is made up of soft and stretchable fabric that makes the pants comfortable and lightweight so they can work properly during their working hours or exercise properly. The fabric used to manufacture this product doesn't require frequent or regular wash because it is specially made for medical employees who work long hours and don't have time to wash their scrubs or clothes. 

Types of Pockets

There are a total of five pockets in the Med Couture Touch Women Jogger Yoga Pant. The two are cargo pockets, which are usually used to carry important items because a doctor's work is in motion so they have to carry various important equipment and gadgets with them.

Cargo pockets are so deep that they contain more items than normal ones. The other two are side front pockets, which are not so deep but are used to put small things in these pockets like keys, pens, etc. And the last pocket, which is the back patched pocket. Which is used to carry money and wallet. Women put their mobile phones in their back pockets, and a patch is also there to cover the pocket. 

Variety of Colors and Sizes

There are a variety of sizes for these pants available. These scrubs are available for different body types, like tall 33 inches, regular 30.5, and petite 28.5. There are also a variety of colors available for medical employees of these pants like Black, Ceil, Lilac, Navy, Olive, Pewter, Royal, Slate, Teal, and Wine.