Matrix Men's - Men's Half Elastic Waistband Cargo Pant

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Men's elastic waist cargo pants

Men's elastic waistband cargo pants are popular in this modern world and are very famous in recent years. These pants are a favorite because of their comfort and stylish functions. 

Elastic waistband

The elastic waistband is related to ease and comfort. The elastic waistband is made up of rubber used to encircle the waist. It is flexible, and all people with different body shapes and sizes can use it. The elastic waistband is so comfortable that anyone can wear it for a whole day. If you have to move here and your profession or occupation includes motion, these pants are perfect and comfortable for your jobs and work. The elastic waistband also allows you to wear these pants in a formal meeting so that it doesn't distract your concentration in settling your pants. 

It contains five pockets

A total of 5 pockets are attached to Men's elastic waistband cargo pants. There are two front curved pockets. The front curved pockets are used to put the hand inside the pocket for cold or small things like keys and other kinds of stuff so they can easily get access to take it out of the pocket. And it is also helpful for the style that you can put your hands in the front curved pockets to make good poses. The other two pockets are cargo pockets. Cargo pockets are deep and used to carry different and vital items that need extra space. So the cargo pockets are the function in these pants that will make you carry your essential pieces of equipment with you anytime. Many professionals make multiple cargo pockets in their clothes to have different and primary equipment. The one pocket is the inner cell pocket, which used to have a wallet and money. 

Same color Drawstring and a variety of colors and sizes 

As you know, drawstrings help you tie the pants according to your waist. But men’s elastic waistband cargo pants colors are the same as the color of the drawstrings in those pants. The pant looks more attractive with this function. Men’s elastic waistband cargo pants are available in many sizes. Anybody can wear them easily because the elastic band feature will make you comfortable wearing the pants. It is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Ceil blue
  • Navy
  • Pewter
  • Royal blue
  • Teal 
  • Wine
  • Hunter
  • Caribbean blue
  • Olive 

You can choose the color according to your convenience. 

Stitched with Thick thread

Men’s elastic waistband cargo pants are designed very uniquely. It is decorated by double stitching to make it more attractive for the customers. And also, a thick thread is used to design it so the clothes don't tear in the future. 

Single button closure

These pants have the feature of single button closure. It is the simple and formal style of pants. It means that there is only one button to fasten the garment closed.