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Navy Scrub Jacket

The Navy Scrub Jacket has gained popularity among medical employees because of its ability to hide stains, keep them calm, and provide professionalism. In the medical world, the Navy Scrub Jacket is an important item of clothing. 

The Navy Scrub Jacket provides warmth and comfort and plays a functional role in the medical scrub. The medical employees realize that the white attire is impractical. It doesn't show cleanliness and doesn't hide stains. That is why considering the need and demand of medical employees is the priority for the scrubs producers. And then the Navy Scrub Jacket comes into play. 

What are the features of the Navy Scrub Jacket

The following are the features of the Navy Scrub Jacket:

  • Men's Mock Neckline Design

The Mock Neckline is also known as Mock Neck. It provides a clear and professional appearance because the mock neckline is a type of collar that extends the neck without folding it. The Navy Scrub Jacket combines a classic look and traditional crewneck, making it a perfect stylish and versatile choice for medical employees. 

It is designed as the protective wear by the medical employees in the hospital.  Some of the hospitals and clinics use Navy Scrub Jacket as the identification of their employees. This design increases the medical employees' confidence, which is why they provide more satisfaction to their patients. 

  • Zipper Closure

The Zip closure is commonly used in bags, jackets, and other clothing items. A zipper is a fastening device that can be used to open or close the clothing parts. The Navy Scrub Jacket has this zipper closure feature. It allows you to take out your jacket from the body easily. If you're feeling hot, you can easily open the zip of your Navy Scrub Jacket, breathe properly, and feel relaxed and calm. 

This is the feature that provides you comfort, calmness, and relaxation. It's easy to protect your clothes by closing the zip and opening it when you feel suffocated. 

  • Front And Back Yolks

To tighten the loose fit, the front and back yolks are stitched to help people look stylish and professional. The navy Scrub Jacket has these Yolks on the front and back of the jacket. The yolks are provided to give a slim and good fit to the shoulders in the Navy Scrub Jacket. 

  • Full-Sleeves with knit Cuffs 

The Navy Scrub Jacket is a Full-sleeved jacket. It is designed specially for the protection of the inner scrub and makes you feel warm and relaxed in the winter season. The knit cuffs on the wrist of the jacket make medical employees work properly and ensure that the sleeves don't disturb the medical employees during their working hours.

  • Total Number Of Pockets 

There are a total of three pockets on the Navy Scrub Jacket.

Chest Pocket

There is One chest pocket on the left side of The Navy Scrub Jacket. The men and women commonly use chest pockets to keep handkerchiefs. The chest pocket is cleaner than the other pockets, which is why the employees used to keep handkerchiefs in it. 

Front Zippered Pockets

There are a total of two zippered pockets on the Navy Scrub Jacket. These are located on the two sides of the jacket, left and right. These pockets are covered with a zip. Usually, these are used to keep hands in that pocket in the winter season. However, medical employees use these pockets to put their important gadgets in and close the zip to keep the equipment protected. 


The Navy Scrub Jacket has become an essential part of life for medical employees. In recent years, the popularity of this jacket has been increasing because of its functionality, stain resistance, comfort, and modern design. It serves as a reliable and symbolical scrub jacket in the world of medical

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