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Announcing the thrilling medical instrument that will upgrade your temperature monitoring, the “Non-contact Infrared Thermometer.” The Adtemp 433, has a trigger-style design and fast measurements. This instrument is perfect for all of the medical professionals who want to have speedy screening in clinics and hospitals. This advanced device provides efficient and accurate readings in about two seconds ensuring the highest level of hygiene. This thermometer is your ultimate guard against cross-contamination. A true hygienic hero, that makes it a perfect instrument for schools, clinics, offices, and households.

Key Features that Matters: 

Rapid Results:

In healthcare, each second matters. Infrared technology excels in delivering rapid results. With a Non-contact Infrared Thermometer, experience swift delivery of readings in 2 seconds.

Accurate Readings: 

This meticulous thermometer doubtlessly provides precise and accurate readings. Our non-contact infrared thermometer meets the ASTM E1965-98 standards of accuracy. It ensures reliable and precise temperature readings.

Trigger-style Design: 

Our Adtemp thermometer has a trigger-style design. Thanks to this design, medical professionals can do swift and seamless forehead measurements in under 2 seconds.

Prevention Of Cross-contamination: 

Our meticulous thermometer allows medical professionals to prioritize hygiene with this Non-contact Infrared Thermometer. This trigger-styled design thermometer requires no skin contact, reducing the threats of Cross-contamination.

Color-Coded LCD Display With Fever Warning: 

Adtemp Non-contact Thermometer has a color-coded display that provides quick visual feedback. The color shifts by the temperature reading. High temperatures are indicated by a separate fever alert. This color shift makes you able to distinguish normal and abnormal readings.

Versatile Dual Mode:

This thermometer has dual-mode functionality. Our thermometer is versatile, you can easily change modes i.e. surface and body modes. This feature enlarges the efficiency of the Infrared Digital Thermometer.

Audible Beep:

When using a non-contact infrared thermometer, you do not have to worry about your time.  The thermometer will notify you by beeping when the measuring of the temperature is complete.

50-Reading memory: 

You can easily track and analyze trends by accessing the last 50 measurement readings. Reading memory delivers important information and references to individuals and healthcare experts.

Switchable Display: 

For your convenience, this thermometer has the additional feature of switching display. Medical professionals can choose Fahrenheit and Celsius according to their preferences.

Battery Convenience: 

Our thermometer is powered by 2 AAA batteries, providing a battery life of about 2,000 readings. This battery convenience guarantees continuous operation.

Weight Of Thermometer:

Our thermometer is lightweight. It weighs 4.6 oz. (130.5g) with batteries.

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