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Scrub Warm-Up Jackets

In the world of medical, the scrub warm-up jacket plays an important role in the life of medical employees. It is an important piece of cloth in the life of medical employees. It plays an important role in providing comfort, style, and professionalism to a medical employee. 

The scrubs Warm-up jackets are designed for comfort and protection for both men and women. 

What are the Reasons to pick Scrub Warm-Up Jackets?

The following are the reasons why you should pick the Scrub Warm-Up Jacket:

Contemporary fit and design

The Scrub Warm-Up Jacket is a crew warm-up jacket. The front buttons are stitched for the closure of the jacket. The sleeves are knit cuffs, which is the lower edge of a jacket which tight from the cuffs. These are the designs that are manufactured to suit every body type. Every gender of any size can wear this scrub jacket. 

Different Sizes

The Scrub Warm-Up Jackets are available in a variety of lengths, like short-length, mid-length, and full-length. The size ranges from XXS to 5XL; anyone with any body type can wear this jacket. 


You can wear the Scrub Warm-Up Jackets anywhere and anytime. It's your choice to wear them during working hours or while working out.


The Scrub Warm-Up Jacket has a total of two pockets on the front of the jacket. These pockets are not so deep, so they are used to keep small things like pens, keys, money, etc.

Various Colors

The Scrub Warm-Up Jakets is available in many colors like wine, teal blue, etc. The color will not fade after washing or wearing it in sunlight. 


The Fabric used to manufacture the Scrub Warm-Up Jacket microfiber fabric. A microfiber cloth is a composite fabric that contains Ultra-Fine Fibers. This Scrub Fabric includes these features:


The Scrub Warm-Up Jacket is lightweight, easy to wear, and provides comfort. The side vents also help to enter the air. The side vents will help you to breathe properly. 

Moisture wicking

The Scrub Warm-Up Jacket is dry from the inside, making you calm and relaxing throughout the day. 

Wrinkle Resistance

The medical employees don't need to iron it every day because it is designed as wrinkle-free.


The fabric which is used in it is long-lasting and durable, so it will be a one-time investment to buy this jacket.  


The Scrub Warm-Up Jacket is stretchable the medical employees can bend and stretch easily during their working hours. 


The Scrub Warm-Up Jacket is machine washable and easy to maintain. 


The Scrub Warm-Up jacket provides comfort and protection and gives you a stylish and professional look. It stands as versatile and functional. This jacket contribute in giving you confidence in front of you patients and a clear, good image of a professional medical employee.

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