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Our Adtemp mini 432 non-contact thermometer, is a revolutionary instrument. Designed with preciseness, in a compact size. It is a perfect medical instrument for all busy medical experts who want a fast-responding and authentic thermometer. This ADC thermometer is lightweight. Our incredible mini thermometer provides readings in just 1 second. Adtemp ADC thermometer will be your best arsenal in health care. The ADC thermometer comes with a micro   USB cable.

Features that will make a mini thermometer your go-to companion: 

Rapid Results: 

All thanks to mind-blowing infrared technology, that supplies temperature readings results rapidly. It takes only 1 second to provide temperature readings accurately. Without wasting time, you can assess your patient's condition.

Precise Readings: 

ADC does not compromise on accuracy. Our ADC thermometer meets ASTM E1965-98 standards of the highest accuracy. This standard makes sure that you can easily trust the temperature readings result. This mini thermometer ensures to delivery of the best healthcare services.

Lightweight And Compact Size: 

ADC prioritizes portability when it comes to thermometers. This mini ADC thermometer is a pocket-friendly powerhouse, you can carry it with you anywhere anytime. It measures 3.5 inches and weighs 1.6 oz. Medical professionals can always be ready to monitor temperature by putting it smoothly into their pocket, or bag.

Prevention Of Cross-contamination: 

Our meticulous thermometer allows medical professionals to prioritize hygiene with this non-contact mini Thermometer. This amazingly designed thermometer requires no skin contact, reducing the threats of cross-contamination. When you have this non-contact thermometer, you can easily say goodbye to the germ battlefield.

Color-Coded LCD Display: 

Our Adtemp non-contact mini thermometer has a color-coded LCD. With the facility of this color-coded display, you can have clear visuals of temperature readings. When the temperature exceeds normal readings, it provides fever warnings. This characteristic makes it easy to recognize high temperatures, which helps in the early diagnosis of possible health issues.

Beeping Sound: 

When the procedure of monitoring temperature is completed, the thermometer will start beeping. This sound makes sure that you consistently take correct readings.

Memory Feature: 

With the use of the 9-reading memory feature, you can monitor temperature patterns over time and provide patients with complete care.

Switchable Display: 

For your convenience, this thermometer has the additional feature of switching display. Medical professionals can choose Fahrenheit and Celsius according to their preferences.

Rechargeable Battery: 

This ADC thermometer features a rechargeable battery. Charge once with a micro USB cable (included) and enjoy 1,000 measurements, and 300,000 measurements for a lifetime.

Convenient Retractable Lanyard: 

Keep your mini thermometer reachable by attaching it with a retractable lanyard.

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