Impulse - Women's Straight-Leg Cargo Scrub Pants

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Urbane scrub pants

Urbane scrubs pants are specially made for professionals who are always in motion. This is basically made for medical professionals who move here in their shifts. It is made for the comfort and easiness of medical professionals and employees so that they can work properly during their working hours. 

The following are the functions of Urbane scrub pants:

Contemporary slim fit

Contemporary means something between slim fit and club fit. It allows comfort because it is shorter than normal trousers or fit so that it will provide you with a modern and slim look. It is slimmer than the traditional fit. Urbane scrub pants are low on the waist. This is the most important characteristic of these pants that it will provide the most modern look by this feature. 


Urbane scrub pants are made up of high-quality materials, which include 76% polyester with 24% spandex. It is long-lasting and flexible because of the fabric. This type of material allows air to come in. We can also call it that you will feel comfortable and free in these pants. The color of the pants will never fade because the material is washable and made up of high-quality material. These pants are wrinkle-free; you don't have to iron these pants every day because no wrinkles will be produced because of the fabric. 

Drawstring and elastic waistband 

Urbane scrubs pants come in two types of fittings. People can choose their fitting by their consideration. Whether they want a drawstring or have to attach the elastic waistband, the urbane scrub pants can be customized. These pants are extremely stretchable because of the elastic waistband and fabric. These pants also have a 360 stretch feature that you can move in any direction wearing that pants. If you choose the drawstring fitting, it will give you the clan look with secure fitting. 

Availability of pockets

There are a total of 4 pockets in Urbane scrubs pants. 2 pockets are cargo pockets that are used to keep types of equipment of professionals so they can carry their pieces of equipment with them anywhere they go. Many of the professionals customize their pants and ask the tailors to make a cargo pocket in it so they can use it. The back is pocketless, and the remaining 2 pockets are hip pockets in the front of the pants, used to put hands and keep small things. 

Size and Variety of colors

There are many sizes available of Urbane scrubs pants. Urbane scrubs pants are available for your comfort to help you make movements throughout your working hours. The sizes range from XSM to TXL. There are a variety of colors available for Urbane scrubs pants. You can buy any color according to your style.