Essentials - Unisex Dental Round Neck 39" Dental white lab coat

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Barco One Unisex Round Neck 39" Dental White Lab Coat 

In this modern era, when people are looking for style in everything, Barco One dental white lab coat provides you the style, the sleek appearance, and the professional look. Since it is unisex, it doesn't matter what gender you belong to, you can wear it!


The following are the some of the features of the dental white scrub if Barco One that makes it worth buying and wearing:

Rounded Neckline

The Barco One dental white lab coat has a rounded neckline that provides a touch of sophistication and beauty in the lab coat. Rounded neckline looks pretty, isn't it?

Long Sleeves

The Barco One dental white lab coat has long sleeves, which provide full coverage and allow us to work on a dental task properly.

Concealed six snap front closure

The dental white lab coat has concealed six snap front closures, offering a seamless look and appearance. It also provides the functionality. 

2 front patch pockets and side entry slit

A dental white lab coat has 2 front patch pockets and a side entry slit where you can put your essential things like a pen, mobile phone, or any other stationery items. It doesn't matter if you want to put your phone or money in it; it has enough space to fit it.

Center Back Seam

Due to the presence of the center back seam the left coat appears to be flattering and good. It also offers comfortable fabric that is also durable.

Isn't it perfect to have such a quality lab coat with a center-back seam to wear every day while working in a dental setting?

Knit Trim Cuffs

Are you wondering if you could get an option in your lab coat to alter it around your wrist? Well, don't worry! Barco One dental white lab coat has knit trim cuffs for you to fit it according to your wrist size. Therefore, iprovidesde the sophistication and appearance to the overall style of the lab coat.

Back Kick Pleat

The back kick pleats on the white dental lab coat looks very nice and pleasing to look at. This allows you to work at a dental setting with comfort and ease. It actually lets you bear the tough duty while maintaining a professional look.

Center Back Length 39" in Med

The center back length, 39" in the white dental lab coat, allows you to work confidently by providing full coverage and mobility. After all, who doesn't want to relish both style and professionalism?  With Barco One dental white lab coat, you can get what you are looking for. 

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