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WonderWink Scrub Tops

The WonderWink Scrub Tops are a popular choice among medical professionals. It is a trendy and adaptable scrub shirt ideal for female medical workers. It has grown in popularity among ladies of various ages due to its Comfortable Design Impressive Shape.

WonderWink Scrub Tops is a multifunctional, one-of-a-kind, stylish scrub top that helps medical employees gain confidence and serve patients more efficiently. 

Its popularity stems from its comfort, durability, stretchy fabric, and one-of-a-kind design. This Scrub Top will always be a trendy and ideal choice for female medical personnel. 

Let's Discover The Features Of WonderWink Scrubs Top

The following are the features of WonderWink Scrubs Top:

  • Y-Neck Wrap
  • The Y-neckline design means that the front of the scrub has a Y shape. The Y form extends from the neck to the bottom of the top. The WonderWink Scrub Tops appealing and distinctive characteristic is the y-neckline design. The WonderWink Scrub Tops y-neckline adds elegance and appeal. 

  • The Material
  • The WonderWink Scrub Tops is made of Microfiber. The WonderWink Scrub Tops is made of a blend of microfiber and polyester. Both textiles are excellent for making lightweight clothing. The The WonderWink Scrub Tops are also lightweight, making it easy to wear and transport. WonderWink has designed it light with weight, considering the medical staff's movements during their shifts. 

    Polyester has four times the stretch of a regular top or scrub. The WonderWink Scrub Tops are stretchy, making it simple for medical workers to bend and stretch during their lengthy hours. The WonderWink Scrub Tops is machine washable and carefree.

  • Back Vents and Loop on The Pocket
  • The WonderWink Scrub Tops also has back vents, providing air access to your body and allowing you to breathe because air can enter from there. 

    The duty card for the nurse's identity is attached to a loop on the front pocket. Most hospitals and clinics have strong policies regarding these loops; medical personnel must make a loop on the scrub. 

  • Total pockets In WonderWink Scrub Top
  • Loading pockets are available on the WonderWink Scrub Tops. Loading pockets implies having a lot of space for your essentials. The scrub top has two loading pockets on the front. 

    Inside the loading pockets are secret accessory pockets with distinct divisions for storing multiple items. 

  • Variety Of Sizes and Colors
  • The WonderWink Scrub Tops are available in various colors: red, black, pewter, Navy, Royal, Carribean, White, Ceil blue, and Wine. The sizes vary from XXS to XL. The scrubs are available for various body shapes, including tall and small people.

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