The Advantages of Wearing Green Scrubs in Warm Environments

The Advantages of Wearing Green Scrubs in Warm Environments

The serene color green is soothing for the human psyche and lessens the fatigue of the eyes. At times, white scrubs were used, the reason being that they represent immaculateness and purity, but subsequently, in the 20th century, an authoritative doctor suggested using green scrubs for better sight in operation suites. 

Reasons behind the surgeon's scrubs being green

Green was preferred because of its historic point of view, as it was used by surgeons in the military. In contrast to other dyes, the green ones are less costly.

It also has various impacts on health, for instance, its positive impact on the psyche or its impact on lowering eye strain. 

Reasons behind surgeons using green scrubs

Surgeons performing in operation theaters see blood red during surgery, so green scrubs aim to provide accuracy in vision. It also helps them focus during surgery; even if there are any blood stains, they get camouflaged with the green scrubs, causing less interference. 

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The distinction between blue scrubs and green scrubs 

One of the significant differences is the color between the two scrubs. The difference in shade is that blue scrubs are on the darker spectrum, whereas green scrubs are on the lighter spectrum. In terms of health care distinctions, blue refers to the doctors, while green refers to the nurses. Another distinction is that medical professionals are more likely to use green scrubs in clinics and less likely to use green scrubs because of the distinction in shades.

  • Blue and green scrubs are also distinctive on a comfortability level, as blue scrubs, because they are lighter in color, and absorb less heat than green scrubs, which absorb more heat because they are darker in color.
  • However, the use of scrubs depends on medical professionals. Some medical professionals prefer blue scrubs because they absorb heat, whereas others prefer green scrubs because of their stain resistance.
  • On a general level, blue scrubs are more likely to be used by vets and green scrubs are more likely to be used by dentists.

Understanding the meaning of green scrubs

In general, green scrubs are associated with medical professionals and are usually worn by doctors in operating theaters. However, it can also be used by other members of the medical team. 

  • In a traditional sense, green is associated with healing, so it makes sense that it is used by doctors in operating rooms.
  • In other circumstances, green scrubs can also be used by nurses and healthcare professionals. 
  • The ability of green to camouflage with the color of blood is the reason that it has significant importance in operations.

Individuals entitled to wear green uniforms

In particular, nurses and surgical staff wear green uniforms, but they must be registered. However, the question of who wears green varies from hospital to hospital. For instance, in some hospitals, it can be worn by medical assistants, whereas in others, it can be worn by patient care staff.

Medical professionals who are entitled to wear green uniforms also receive other medical equipment with them. Medical equipment includes a face mask and gloves.

Green color and hospitals

The green color has been correlated with hospitals because it tends to have a psychological impact on people. It is believed that green colors shadow the environment and nature, which, of course, calms an individual’s feelings, helps lower blood pressure levels, and relieves apprehensiveness. 

  • Furthermore, the charismatic color green amplifies the focal point and concentration of the surgeon. 
  • These are the evidence of making green a supreme option, creating a peaceful ambiance for not only healthcare but also patients and the entire staff. 

Hence, this color is a sign of positivity, as it is adjacent to red on the color wheel. It is concluded that the major reason for changing the scrub color from white to green was that surgeons while performing surgery, require attention to detail and constant concentration, which are all surrounded by the red color of blood when wearing white scrubs. This creates a reflection that makes them blind for several seconds.

Secondly, doctors reported that they were facing headaches because of all the whiteness they were surrounded by since everyone is entitled to wear white dresses and scrubs for the doctors. This can be a massive negative hindrance in a patient's surgery and can cause the death of a patient and indeed the loss of a life. It is a fact that the human eye develops shadowy images on white surfaces if that eye has glared at a bright color before, for example, red, which causes distraction for the doctors.

After analyzing these impacts in 1914, the white scrubs were changed to green scrubs to overcome the challenges faced by doctors while performing surgeries, therefore, wearing green scrubs is a sign of comfort and tranquility. 


In warm environments, the advantages of wearing green scrubs extend beyond just the aesthetic appeal. Green scrubs offer a range of benefits that contribute to the comfort and well-being of healthcare professionals. The advantages of wearing green scrubs in warm environments encompass both practical and psychological benefits. From the cooling effect and moisture-wicking properties to the stain resistance and calming aesthetic, green scrubs offer healthcare professionals a comfortable and visually appealing option that supports their well-being and performance in demanding work conditions. Scrubs Uniforms provide the best green scrubs for you to work comfortably and with ease.