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The Best Nursing Scrubs for Every Budget


Buying cheaper scrubs for the shifts is a good option because medical staff may face some problems like bodily fluids and other things, so you can replace them. Scrubs Uniforms has an extensive range of nursing scrubs in a worth it quality. You can check it out.

The 3 Best Affordable Nursing Scrubs Within Your Range

The following are the 3 best affordable nursing scrubs within your range:

Grey Anatomy two-pocket V-neck scrubs

This scrub will keep you fresh during your shifts because of its soil release feature. This scrub has a pen pocket or a pen slot for holding the pen, and it also contains two lower pockets. It is machine washable, and it is very soft. It is made with 77% polyester and 23% rayon, making the scrubs durable and soft. It is called a low-maintenance scrub because polyester is a non-expensive fabric, and you can throw the scrub in the machine to wash it. This scrub is designed as a V-neck scrub, and it is only for women.


  • It has a V-neckline
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is for the short term.
  • You cannot breathe in this fabric.
  • It will cause a shrinkage problem, and if you dry it, it will heat the dryer.

The Wonder Wink Stretch Scrub

It is available in 32 colors, and each of the 32 colors is soft and stretchy because it is made with 100% polyester. It won't shrink in the dryer and can be washed easily. Its short sleeve feature will keep you relaxed and cool. It offers a flattering fit, and the V-neckline design will make you stylish. This Wonder wink scrub has a back hook and a front yoke to help you focus on your work other than handling the scrub.


  • It offers you 32 color choices.
  • It has a back hook.
  • Made from 100% polyester, which is also called durable fabric.


  • Not wrinkle free
  • It is not stain resistant
  • Slim or thin fabric

Landau 4 Pocket V-Neck

It will provide ease of movement because it is generously cut, which will also provide comfort. It has four pockets, and it is designed as a V-neck. You don't have to compromise your performance because they have created these as set-in sleeves. The fabric used in this Landau scrub is soft and long-lasting.


  • It has 4 pockets.
  • It is available in 34 colors.
  • You can wash it in the machine.


  • The sleeves are not stretchable.
  • Runs big
  • It is loose.

A Nurse's Guide to Purchasing Scrubs

Sometimes it takes work to find a good scrub at a reasonable price. Nurses prefer scrubs that are easy to clean, long-lasting, and relaxed from the inside. Here are some guidelines nurses should be aware of before buying a scrub for them.

Machine washable: 

When nurses or medical staff do their duties, their scrubs might get dirty during those shifts. When they finish their obligations, they need to clean or wash the scrub. 

It is easy for the medical staff to throw the scrubs in the machine and give the command to the washing machine to wash and dry them.

Washing your scrubs with your hands will consume your time and energy. Instead of washing your scrub with your hands, throw the scrub in your washing machine. That will save you time and energy, and you can put that energy into some other work.

Many types of fabrics, like wool and silk, can fade their colors and are not machine washable. Before buying the scrub, you must see whether the scrubs you purchase are machine washable or not.

Softening stiff fabrics:

Some scrubs are made from cheap fabric, known as polyester. Polyester doesn't change its shape very easily. It is a perfect material for fabric that is very cheap in price and quality.

Polyester is a durable fabric, and it is the best material for scrubs. Nurses looking to buy an inexpensive and good quality scrub can buy this scrub.

Buying a scrub that has a combination of fabrics like cotton and rayon will make the scrub softer and more elastic, and you will feel relaxed. Washing your scrub with fabric softener will make it soft. If you want to buy a soft fabric scrub, Scrubs Uniforms has the best quality one!

Side Vents:

Side vents are located on the slides of the scrubs. The side vents allow the scrub to move freely, so the scrub can’t be tightened or stretched. Side vents are handy for the fabrics. Following are the uses of side vents. Your body needs to calm down in the shifts; side vents help to enter the airflow into your body so that your body can remain cooler and more relaxed.

Sometimes, when you have to put your hands in your pocket, you have to lift your scrub to put your hand in. But having a side vent will make reaching your pocket easy without lifting the scrub. Having a side vent on your scrub is the best feature.

Types of necklines:

Crew necklines and v-necklines are the most common among all types of necklines. It is preferable if the V of the v-necklines covers the higher chest.

Your ID card is also necessary to recognize your identity. You can attach your ID card to the top of the scrub with the help of a clip. The attached ID card on the top of your scrub will help you to be identified by your staff and doctors. 

There are more neckline scrubs other than v-necklines and crew necklines.

  • Scoop neck
  • Turtleneck 
  • Square neck
  • Surplice neck
  • Boat neck

Cargo Pockets:

Nurses and other medical staff need to carry many necessary nursing tools. Having a pocket on their scrubs will help them carry their nursing tools. Cargo pockets are unique from other pockets because they can carry more items than regular ones. They are located on the left and right bottom sides of the scrub. Large pockets cover some small pockets. They are called double pockets.