Why Barco Uniforms are the Best Choice for Healthcare Professionals

The medical industry has hectic and challenging routines; back-to-back duties and double shifts tire you. On these tiring days, all you want is comfortable attire. 

For medical staff, scrubs are considered to be uniform. Barco Uniforms are deemed to be a consistent go-to brand for medical professionals. 

Barco one's arch tech technology has made scrubs comfortable for hard-working doctors. These medical scrubs fabric has excellent breathability and is eco-friendly too. This fabric is temperature regulating and provides an immense amount of comfort.

Made up of breathable, eco-friendly fabric 

Barco medical scrubs are made with innovative fabric with different advanced features. Barco one fabric technology keeps the person comfortable and cool at extreme temperatures. Barco medical scrubs are highly breathable and lightweight. 

Barco healthcare uniforms have important things in mind, including eco-friendly fabric, good stretchability, soil release, wrinkle resistance and quick-drying properties that give the body a good feel and look. 

A fashion-forward approach

Regarding scrubs, we have pictures of doctors wearing boring uniforms. But Barco has made the scrub game strong by bringing new innovative designs. 


 To prioritize the quality and designs, Barco has hired different hiring fashion icons, such as Cheryl Tiegs, to do the designing woke. 

All the barco one scrubs are well-stitched and designed so that these scrubs are even worn by tv artists and create a buzz in healthcare-related tv shows. 

Quick drying and breathability

Barco Uniforms have excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Back-to-back duties and double shifts can make the healthcare staff sweaty and tired. Our scrub has great breathability and moisture-wicking properties to make them feel comfortable and look fresh. These affordable scrubs can keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Sporty look and wrinkles scrubs 

Even medical professionals sometimes feel bored and ordinary in basic medical scrubs. That's why Barco Uniforms is all about good looks and vibes. Medical staff feel fresh in sporty look-inspired scrubs after all hectic schedules. 

Also, these healthcare scrubs are wrinkleless, so you can wear them for hours without worrying about how they will look.

Great stretchability

Barco one scrubs come with excellent stretchability and comfort. 

It doesn't lose its shape, and it can fit anyone. It has a four-way stretch, which means it makes your movement efficient.


Barco Uniforms has launched a line named barco one, which has become a favourite of medical professionals and veterinarians, as these scrubs are made by recycling plastic bottles. 

Barco one uses around five plastic bottles for manufacturing each garment. In this way, a lot of plastic is reused from the atmosphere as every day, more than one million bottles are sold each minute around the globe. 

Quick shed technology

Barco one scrubs have Quick-Shed technology, quickly removing animal hair from the fabric. Having pets at home can be problematic, as their hair shed can attach to your medical scrub- which doesn't seem good.  

To make you look and feel good, barco scrubs are made up of Quick shed technology.

Offering added protection

Since we all know it's not easy to be a part of the medical industry, dealing with different patients to doing long hours of duties. Apart from being tired, you are also in contact with other microbes and pathogens; that's why Barco has to include antimicrobial technology in its medical scrubs to keep our medical fighters protected and safe. With this technology, barco one uniforms are long-lasting and sustainable. 

Barco Uniforms has incorporated this technology in all its apparel ranges for better comfort and a protective atmosphere for our medical fighters.

First medical scrubs made with mineral fabric technology

Our medical professionals, from doctors to nurses, everyone is our asset. They put their heart and soul into serving day and night. Long hours of duty and dealing with different problems make them tired and exhausted too.

Barco Uniforms has launched the the first-ever medical scrub collection made with bio-minerals to make them feel comfortable at work. These minerals help the body to self-regulate.

Also, these biominerals help improve your blood circulation and keep your body temperature consistent. On the other hand, it also raises the levels of tissue oxygenation. 

Barco’s new Barco One Wellness apparel line takes the energy from the infrared spectrum having restorative benefits to recover the wearer's body at maximum level.

Understanding the needs of medical staff. 

A few years back, we all were hit by a sudden global pandemic. During the pandemic, the importance of medical professionals was highlighted. They have to work day and night for us, so they have to change their scrubs several times a day. 

For their comfort and understanding of the needs, barco one has launched primary lines. These scrubs are made with high-quality, poly-cotton fabric with amazing finish and stretch.